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what is web hosting?

you need two things in order to have your own rest stop on the "information super highway." first you need content. this is the information that visitors see on your web site. 

second, you need a computer that has a fast connection to the internet and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. the computer holds your content so that internet users can get access to it at any time of day.  this computer is known as the web server, or the web host. 

if your company has its own computer that is always connected to the internet, you can host your own site. if you do not have such a computer, mcisaac computer solutions is ready to host your site.

whether you are a company looking to have a corporate presence on the internet, or an individual and want your own site, setting up and maintaining your own web server can be very expensive.  using a web hosting service, such as the one that mcisaac computer solutions offers, is much more economical. 


mcisaac computer solutions offers a variety of web hosting packages that can be tailored to meet your needs.  click on a package name (basic, standard, professional, corporate) to the left side of this page to learn more about that package.

packages can be customized to meet your particular needs.  contact mcisaac computer solutions to learn more. 

what does it mean?

each of the packages include a variety of options.  some of the options might seem confusing, so a brief explanation is provided to try and lessen the confusion.

web space - when you rent or lease an office or building, you are given a certain amount of space to occupy.  web space is the electronic version of office space.  to display web pages to internet users who visit your web site, you need to store those pages on a web server.  the amount of space that you are given on that server can determine the number of web pages that you can have.  the more web space available, the more pages (and photographs, files, etc.) you can have.

web address - just as people need to know the address of your house in order to visit you, your web site needs an address for people to visit it.  web addresses can come in a variety of forms.  the most popular method is to have your own address that has the name or words that you choose (, for example).  there is a cost associated with this method, because you have to register this name with a registration company (similar to registering a license plate for your car).   once registered your address would look like

two other alternatives make use of the address, and are provided at no cost to you.  you can choose to have an address similar to or

ftp - in order for internet users to see your site, you will need to put your web pages on the web server.  one of the features built into microsoft frontpage is the ability to transfer your newly designed web pages from your computer to the web server.  although there are many web authoring tools out there, not all of them have this feature.

file transfer protocol (ftp) is an alternative method for transferring your files.  if you do not have an ftp program, you can find many shareware versions on the internet.  some examples include ws_ftp by ipswitch, inc., and  cuteftp by globalscape, inc.



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