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simple web sites are a great way to get your message out to an unlimited number of people.  the web has become a great tool for businesses and individuals to increase their exposure to the world.

specially designed web sites, called web applications, become a powerful tool not just for the owner of the web site, but for the potential visitors as well.

searchable databases

an example web application would be an online searchable product inventory database.  potential customers could browse through your database of products to see what you carry or search for something specific.  you could provide detailed specifications of your products so that customers would have an online resource for obtaining such information.

the turbine technologies corporation web site includes an online database of products that customers can search.  this site was created and is maintained and hosted by mcisaac computer solutions.

the bermuda communications directory is another example of an online searchable database.  this time however, the products are names and addresses of businesses in bermuda.  the directory is an online telephone book for bermuda!

other applications

the uses for web applications are endless.  web sites are great at giving information to the user.  they are also great at getting information from the user.

the bermuda communications directory for example, has a special mode for authorized users to update the database that holds the names and addresses of the bermuda businesses.  the owner of the database is able to add or change entries to the database from any location that has internet access.

if you look at the feedback page of this web site (there's a link at the top of this page), you can see a simple example of the types of information you can get from users.

one last web application example is the melissa's making waves electronic greetings web site.  this application is actually a tool for sending electronic greetings to anyone who has an email address.  the site asks the user to select an image to include in the greeting, and to enter both their email address, and the address of the recipient.  the site will then create the greeting and send an email message to the recipient to let them know that the greeting is waiting.

your own idea...

have an idea for an application or tool that you would like to provide to the internet community?  contact mcisaac computer solutions to see what the possibilities are.  they're endless!!


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