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the professional package includes 20mb of web space and an address of the form  alternatively, you have the option to have your own domain name (  please check with network solutions to determine if the domain you want is available.

if you need more than a simple web site and need to have your own domain, this option is a better choice.

your web site will be set up with microsoft's frontpage extensions so that you can use microsoft frontpage to build a professional site with professional features (including searchable forms).

if you have never used it, frontpage is like a word processor that was designed for the internet and is not too hard to learn.  it can help make a very professional looking site.  the web site was created with frontpage.  frontpage also gives you the ability to use "counters."  counters are usually placed on the first web page that users will see.  it tells them how many other visitors have been to the site.  you are responsible for providing your own copy of microsoft frontpage and is widely available .

there are many other packages out there that help design web sites.  the package that you use is up to you!  


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