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this is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. if you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

may 1, 2002
if you need to get in touch with someone from mcisaac computer solutions in a hurry, you can have us paged.  to page us, click the "send a page" button that is located at the top of all pages of this web site.


june 7, 2000
added itsj, an online help system designed to help everyone understand what many of the internet acronyms and technologies mean.  it also has a "frequently asked questions" section that explains the steps required to get your own web site.  itsj stands for internet terms, solutions & jargon, but it also contains explanations of general computing terms.

january 25, 2000
the mcisaac computer solutions web site has been totally redesigned.  stay tuned to see what other cool features will be added in the near future!!


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