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ever felt that your business would be more productive if you only had a customized piece of software that did exactly what you wanted?  mcisaac computer solutions can develop software that is designed to work the way your company works.  software that is hard to use and does not quite fit with the way you work, frustrates users and lowers morale.  software should make your employees' jobs easier, not harder.

a large variety of "off the shelf" software is available today.  most of this software however, was not written with your company in mind.  instead, it was written in an attempt to accommodate a large number of companies.  because no two companies work the same way, even if they provide the same product or services, the generalized software is not easy or intuitive to use.

customized software can be data based, such as an order entry or inventory system and include many levels of reporting.  custom software can also be a program that calculates a result based on specialized inputs.

most software applications can be adapted to work over the internet via a web browser, which allows you to provide dynamic access to information that may be important to your customers.  for more information about software that works on the web, please visit our web applications page.

although there are some exceptions, the rule of thumb is "if you can think it - software can do it."

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